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The 196+ summits are the year-end culmination of each continent’s annual 196+ roundtable series. The participants of all 196+ roundtables on the continent in the previous twelve months are invited – again free of charge – to participate and discuss developments in various parts of the continent.

A 196+ summit is a full-day online event with 100 to 300 participants, with an optional informal get-together (drinks) in a specific city. We organise annual 196+ summits for

6 December 2022


online plus get-together
in New York

8 December 2022


online plus get-together
in Singapore

13 December 2022


online plus get-together
in Vienna

15 December 2022


online plus get-together
in Cape Town

A global 196+ summit (online plus informal get-together in London) – annually in June – will be added from 2023.