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196+ events connect decision makers in the hospitality industry, a business sector where the importance of personal exchange is vital. Therefore, we have created hospitality events for curious minds.

The hospitality sector is operating in an increasingly complex environment, where new trends are the drivers of constant change and innovation. We are inviting the movers and shakers, the technology players and game changers to speak about the latest developments.

196+ one mind, one world, one umbrella for our events and upcoming formats.

196: 196 stands for the number of countries in the world (193 UN member states, two UN observer states and one country which is recognised by the majority of UN members) the plus for other territories, potential future countries and limitless possibilities!

Find out more about our events. We would love to hear from you.

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Andreas Martin


Michael Widmann





List of applicants for the “Hotel Property Award 2022”  

List of applicants for the “Hotel Property Award 2022”   Read more
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